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You have found that special person, the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Someone who makes your heart sing when they walk into the room. Your wedding is a very special day for you. This day marks a major milestone in your lives and should be perfect. I will make the day memorable with special music, poems, readings and reflections of your love for each other. I am flexible and will work with you to plan your own unique ceremony. You will have an opportunity to tell me about your relationship and what you love about each other. I will create a story that will follow the path of your love. Your ceremony will have my undivided attention and I will work with you until it is just what you are looking for. I will work with you in planning the ceremony at a place of your choosing. The ceremony can be religious, non-religious, spiritual or whatever you desire.
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My heart leads me to do this work and it is an honor to offer this service. To learn more about me and why this work touches my heart so much I ask you to please read about my defining moment. Then, at your earliest convenience, please contact me to check my availability. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. Click the links below to learn more about the services I provide.
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You have lost someone that is dear to you. It may be hard to think clearly or do anything. In your time of sorrow I can make the load a little lighter. When life has ended, it is a time to celebrate and honor the life that your loved one brought to the earth as well as acknowledge the sorrow of your loss. I will help you plan a ceremony that honors and reflects your loved ones personality. It will be a ceremony with smiles and room for tears. I ask you questions about your loved ones life to allow me to get a picture of who they were. I will address any important memories that you want to include. My experience with personal loss provides me with the compassion and understanding that enables me to find the perfect words for you tell your story. I will work with you in planning the ceremony at a place of your choosing. The ceremony can be religious, non-religious, spiritual or whatever you desire. I explore all possibilities to plan a ceremony that has meaning for you. Sharing your loved ones memory in a meaningful way is my priority.
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Sometimes in spite of treatment, a condition or illness will cause death. We cannot avoid this. It is an emotional time that deserves recognition of the things we have to be thankful for. When the end-of-life is near we have a chance to share time with our loved ones in a special way for one last time. It can provide a sense of peace in a space that is challenging for all of us. I will help you plan a ceremony to celebrate your life. We can include all of the special memories you hold within. We will invite family or friends that you would like to share this moment with. Together we will plan a caring and compassionate ceremony that will help in your transition. The ceremony can be held in place of your choosing and can be religious, non-religious, spiritual or whatever you desire. As an oncology nurse, my experience with patients and their families at the end-of-life has provided me with the skills to facilitate a ceremony with caring, compassion and meaning.
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A new baby in the family is an exciting time. You want to introduce your new baby to your family, friends and community. A baby naming ceremony is a special ceremony where you can publicly welcome your child with others. It can be held in any place of your choosing. It can be held in nature, inside or where ever else you may envision. It can be religious or non-religious. I will write a ceremony that expresses all that you want to share about this exciting time in your lives.  
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There are many transitions that we may encounter in life: Divorce, change of job, menopause, adulthood, teenage years, retirement, moving, plus many others. A ceremony to acknowledge these transitions can ease the difficulty that may be encountered and share the joy as well. We will work together to acknowledge the positive areas of change and express what your change means to you and your place in the community of friends and family. It can be held in a place of your choosing that has special meaning for you.  
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Pets can be as special to us as our human friends and create a feeling of loss that is just as profound. I will help you plan a ceremony to honor your pet where you can share memories and remember the joy they brought to your life. I will work with you to plan a ceremony that is meaningful to you.
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